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Personal trainers

Personal trainers

Let our team of skilled trainers guide you towards success

We care about making sure you use your time in our fitness center effectively. Our professional personal trainers will ensure proper training supervision. Each trainer is an expert in their field. With individual approach, they will help you improve your physical and health status through training, provide advice on meal planning and proper nutrition to achieve your goals. You can track your current status and progress thanks to In Body scale measurements.


Ivan Bajak

Ivan uses more than 12 years of experience in coaching to work with clients, focusing on functionality, eliminating body pain, body shaping, strength gains, and getting rid of muscle imbalances. After the initial consultation and diagnosis, he will set up an individual cooperation program tailored to your needs and goals.

- Functional Patterns
- Trainer I. a II. qualification level
- Nutrition for performance and health - Academia Sportiva
- Functional Dynamic Stabilization Testing and Training - Rehaspring
- Sm system - Smíšek
- Human sport
- Bosu Core - Academy Face Czech
- TRX Suspension Training
- Weightlifting school - Academia Sportiva
- Squat school - Academia Sportiva
- Functional training, cervical spine and upper limb testing
- Trigger Points


Dominika Rýchla

Dominika has been dedicated to coaching for several years. Fitness is a lifestyle for her, and under her guidance, you will love it as much as Dominika does. To exercise not because you have to, but because you want to. Dominika specializes in shaping the body according to the individual goals of clients, from toning, gaining muscle mass, and reducing fat, to adjusting metabolism, nutrition, and overall healthy lifestyle.

- Qualified trainer of the V. qualification level (Faculty of Physical Education and Sport, Comenius University)
- General strength and conditioning development
- Body shaping
- Elimination of muscle imbalances
- Mobility and flexibility improvement
- Nutrition and health

Phone: +421948438074


Donika Do Tinh

Donika focuses on improving movement abilities through a personalized training plan that combines functional training, mobilization exercises, and stretching with nutritional counseling. She has been involved in coaching since 2011. Her particular specialization is prenatal and postnatal training. with a significant portion of her clients being pregnant women and women post-delivery. Donika focuses on preparing the body for childbirth by improving overall physical fitness. She also focuses on exercises to correct any diastasis after delivery.

- Certified Pre And Post Natal Fitness Specialist - AFPA
- Crossfit lvl 1 – BKK, Thailand (Dec 2015- Jan 2020)
- Functional training – TG
- Mobility and recovery - TG
- Certificate in exercise nutrition - PN
- PN Level 1 Certified
- Zumba Fitness (2011-2019)

Phone: +421948953633


Lucia Paldaufová


Michaela Šunderlíková

Michaela values an individual approach, basic diagnostics,
and the planning of a training and dietary plan according to your needs. She focuses on achieving goals, steady progress, and she is ready to help you with long-term motivation. Michaela will also remind you that everything is about setting priorities. Regular exercise and a healthy lifestyle are the path that keeps you in mental and physical harmony. She promises that training will be a joy, not a suffering.

- Certified personal trainer for fitness and bodybuilding II.
- Sports masseur
- Instructor for bodypump (3D), power yoga, metafit (bodyweight training) and complex core

- Vice-champion of Slovakia in natural bodybuilding and fitness (Figura fitness) 2022
- 4. - 4th place at the World Championships in Florence (Figura Fitness) 2022

Phone: +421905576623


Silvia Limbecková

Silvia has been actively involved in sport for 20 years. It's an integral part of her life, from competitive swimming to strength and conditioning workouts to aesthetic body shaping. Silvia will be happy to help you not only with her knowledge, but also with professional advices thanks to her extensive experience. She believes in the principle of kalokagathia - harmonious development of body, mind and soul and thinks that one should work on all aspects continuously. Silvia will help you on the way to your goals whether it is aesthetic body shaping, weight loss, gaining muscle, or other. She trains with the demonstration that sport is an excellent means of overcoming oneself, which is applicable in several spheres of life. She believes in taking one step at a time to make a total sustainable lifestyle change. Marek is able to conduct the training in english, too.

- FTVŠ fitness coaching V. degree
- Body shaping
- Gaining muscle mass
- Weight loss
- Development of fitness skills
- Increasing strength abilities
- Mobility and stability of joints
- Functional training
- Core training
- DNS "dynamic neuromuscular stabilization"
- Individual training plans
- Creating meal plans
- Healthy lifestyle

Phone: +421904931778


Júlia Karová


Štefan Orosz


Matej Maďar

Trainer and physiotherapist

Richard Sporina

Richard has a degree in physiotherapy and has years of experience with various health and performance-oriented physical activities and pilates exercises. Richard is happy to advise you in the areas of health and physical activity with a focus on the health and performance-oriented aspect of physical fitness (personal and fitness training), healthy lifestyle, and healthy nutrition. He recommends physical activity, strength and conditioning training, and the development of physical fitness as an important means of preventing lifestyle diseases and injuries (improving health and physical fitness, developing stability, flexibility and mobility, weight loss, building muscle strength and shaping the body, developing conditioning and coordination abilities, injury prevention, evaluating the level of physical fitness, training and nutrition program).

- Comenius University Bratislava, Faculty of Medicine, (Applied) Physiotherapy, Master degree
- Slovak Health University, FOAZOŠ, (Special) Physiotherapy, Master degree
- Comenius University Bratislava, Faculty of Medicine, Physiotherapy, Bachelor degree

- Charles University Prague, Faculty of Physical Education and Sports, personal and fitness trainer
(personal trainer, strength and conditioning trainer)
- Charles University Prague, Faculty of Physical Education and Sports, fitness trainer (prerequisite
physiotherapy and physical education and sport ISCED 6)
- Masaryk University Brno, Faculty of Sports Studies, Specialization in fitness, 5 semesters, 25 ECTS, fitness instructor (physical fitness)
- Fitness trainer in elite and performance sports (SAKT)
- AŠK Dukla Banská Bystrica, sports instructor - AŠD judo, 1st Dan (combat sports - judo)

Phone: +421905960700


Vladimír Žiga

"Don't forget that exercise is supposed to be all about having fun." A motto Vlado likes to stick to. In addition to improving your physical fitness, you will also shape your figure and have more overall strength and energy.

- Personal fitness trainer
- Fitness coach

- Long-term collaboration with the client in the area of lifestyle change and maintenance
- Long-term and functional cooperation with the client - reconditioning
- Long-term and functional cooperation with the client - revitalization
- Long-term and functional cooperation with the client - passive weight reduction
- Sophisticated individual approach to the client

Phone: +421911988127


Lukáš Havlík

During his over 15 years of practice, Lukáš has gained extensive knowledge of training methodology and nutrition, especially in terms of correctly leading training sessions, both physically and mentally. He enjoys working with people who are willing to take the right steps in their lives to achieve their goals. Lukáš aims to provide quality information on fitness training and nutrition, not only to achieve your satisfaction but also to encourage more and more people to take care of their bodies and health.

- Qualified SAKFST 1. 1st and 2nd level fitness, bodybuilding and powerlifting coach

- Sports bodybuilding in categories over 95 kg also at the international level

- Motivation and psychology of training
- Training methodology for complete beginners as well as advanced ones
- Effective shaping of the figure, whether it is weight and fat reduction or quality improvement, but also gaining muscle mass
- Dietary advice and orientation in the world of nutritional supplements
- Tailored meal plans
- Tailored training plans
- Conducting personal training sessions for English-speaking clients

Phone: +421903293603


Filip Olšavský

Filip is an active athlete and world champion in fitness with excellent knowledge and experience in the field of healthy lifestyle. He attended many competitions in Slovakia and abroad, where he met the best coaches and top athletes. He focuses on the individual requirements of each client and works on all aspects that are necessary to achieve the goal. It uses a holistic approach that includes not only physical training, but also good habits and mental health. His expertise and practical experience ensure that clients are in good hands and have all the tools they need to achieve great results.
In addition, he is always positive and motivating, which helps clients maintain training discipline. He can also conduct the training in English.

- Certified trainer in fitness and bodybuilding
- Certified masseur

- IFBB Mens Physique
- Junior World Champion
- Twice Vice-champion of Europe
- four times champion of Slovakia

Phone: +421910832562


Robert Kováč

Robert focuses on individual work with clients, specializing in diagnosing musculoskeletal issues, correcting muscle imbalances, exercising with pregnant women and working with children, as well as rehabilitating clients after spinal, knee, and shoulder surgeries.
He also helps with conditioning, weight loss, muscle gain, and preparing hobby athletes for seasonal sports such as golf, skiing, hockey, soccer, and tennis. Robert also works with elite athletes during and outside of their seasons. He will analyze your dietary habits and then create a meal plan based on your individual needs.

- EXOS Performance Specialist (XPS degree), USA
- Fitness coach in elite sports

- FRC, Germany
- SM System, SVK
- Functional training and testing - lumbal spine, pelvis and lower extremities, CZ
- Physiotherapy after injury in sport, CZ
- Modern surgery and physio training of knee and shoulder joint, CZ
- Modern surgery and physiotherapy of cervical spine, CZ
- Modern surgery and physiotherapy of lumbal spine, CZ
- Kinesiology Taping by K- Active, CZ
- The Future of Football Medicine (2017)
- Camp Nou, Barcelona, SPAIN

Phone: +421904175652


Ladislav Nagy


Róbert Kokavec

Robert is a first and third-degree personal trainer. He has been involved in fitness world for 15 years and has been working as a personal trainer for six years. He actively played baseball in youth categories where he and his team became champions or runners-up of Slovakia several times. He also represented Slovakia at the international level at the European Championships.

- Weight loss, gaining muscle mass, implementation of the correct technique during exercise
- Creation of individual training plans and meal plans
- Consulting in the field of diet, exercise and nutritional supplements

Phone: +421908306384


Michal Havelka

Michal is a strength and conditioning trainer. His goal is to help you build your physique and enrich your mind so that you feel great and make progress in other areas of life as well. He will help you learn how to exercise, eat properly, and set up a routine that will enable you to achieve a healthy and sustainable transformation. Michal also focuses on aesthetic body shaping, building muscle mass, and reducing fat using mixed training methods. He doesn't work with traditional diets. He mainly uses flexible eating or variation of Intermittent fasting, which allows you to eat a variety of healthy foods and include your favorite foods in your daily routine. Michal emphasizes the health and attractiveness of the process that will lead to long-term transformation - the goal is to discover a combination that you can enjoy and thus achieve results through a slower but sustainable change.

- Trainer in fitness and bodybuilding - SAFKST
- Ido-Portal - Juggernaut Movement workshop (Amsterdam, 2019)

Phone: +421910477444

Trainer and physiotherapist

Michal Bisták

Michal is a personal trainer and physiotherapist who regularly educates himself through training, studying literature, and current professional studies. He specializes mainly in developing strength and exercise techniques through P-DTR therapy. Based on this method, he can quickly and effectively eliminate dysfunctions that limit joint mobility or worsen strength performance, as well as relieve musculoskeletal pain. He also specializes in shaping and toning the body, optimizing weight loss and lifestyle habits, and developing fitness skills.

- FTVŠ UK – fitness trainer
- P-DTR therapist
- Physiotherapy student
- Certified DNS trainer
- Certified trainer of the SM system

- P-DTR advanced therapist
- CORE functional training in sports training
- Testing and training of functional dynamic stabilization, proper walking as therapy for disc herniation
- Back pain - a combination of physiotherapy and strength training
- Pain in large joints - a combination of physiotherapy and strength training
- Physiotherapy and physical training of the pelvic floor muscles
- Problems and analysis of sitting muscles
- Functional stabilization of the blades
- Functional activation of the leg, hand
- Rehabilitation and training after lower limb injuries, mobility and stability - lower limbs, upper limbs, core,
- Modern physical training of the lumbar and cervical spine, Bosu Core, squat, press, pull prehab/rehab
- Sports nutrition
- Trigger point therapy
- Shoulder joint, hip joint - diagnosis, prevention and correction in training
- EXOS – Speed Performance, Strength and Power Performance
- Physiotherapy after knee surgery and return to training
- Functional Spinal Upgrade

- Slovak representative in basketball, teenager, junior
- 2nd place at the Slovak Championship in kickboxing

Phone: +421944723619


Martin Borovička

Martin specializes in body shaping and sculpting, strength training, muscle building, optimizing weight loss and lifestyle adjustment, and eliminating musculoskeletal pain. He applies his long-term knowledge in functional (sports gymnastics) and performance training.

- Trainer III. degree SAKFST
- TRX Suspension Training
- SQUAT SCHOOL – Academia Sportiva Flowin

- Vice-champion of the world in junior bodybuilding
- Two-time champion of the Slovak Republic in bodybuilding

Phone: +421903651992


Alessandro Kabát

Alessandro will help you achieve your preferred goals, whether it's body shaping, increased performance, improved fitness, or just maintaining health and a healthy lifestyle.
He will also help you to plan your diet or advise you on how to properly adjust your nutrition, which is one of the most important things when it comes to healthy lifestyle, along with quality training. Alessandro has been actively involved in exercising since 2016 and will be happy to share his experience with you.

Phone: +421948120052


Natália Klimová

Natália graduated from the best fitness school in Russia (FPA Professional Fitness Association) and later completed an advanced trainer course to enhance her qualifications. She is ready to apply all her knowledge and skills to improve the quality of your life and achieve your fitness goals. Natália has experience in anatomy, physiology, and biomechanics.
She designs customized exercise programs and provides nutrition counseling. She also works with teenagers, pregnant women and people who have chronic illnesses. guaranteeing everyone
maximum attention and effort towards achieving their goals. Natália speaks Ukrainian, Russian, and Slovak.

- Personal fitness trainer FPA Moscow 2019
- Professional retraining FPA 2020 Moscow
- "Pathological ODA" course
- "Muscle Testing" course

- Movement training
- Development of muscle mass
- Shape correction
- Fat loss
- Formation of body posture
- Recommendations in the field of nutrition
- Prevention of diseases and disorders
- Developing good habits
- Development of five basic qualities and skills: strength, endurance, flexibility, speed and coordination

Phone: +421919032486


Matej Pokorný


Jakub Rosenberg


Vladimír Ilaš


Yaryna Huivan


Dominika Neimiova


Augustin Hekl

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