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Ladislav Nagy

Ladislav graduated from FTVŠ UK in Bratislava – Fitness trainer for children and adults. He is engaged in calisthenics, workout, street workout and gymnastics. It will be negotiated in English.

– Strength training, increase in maximum strength, relative strength (without the use of machines and dumbbells),
– Increase in fitness, development of flexibility, mobility and stability of joints
– Convalescence after surgery – spine, knee joint, shoulder girdle.
– Correction of bad posture, prevention of injuries
– Weight reduction (without diet)
– Postural stabilization of the body (commonly known as “core” exercises)
– Preparation for: Spartan race, Tvrďák, Gladiator race, UCR, Mad race, Predator race or Red Bull 400.
– Preparation for seasonal sports (skiing, skating, golf…)

– Graduated fitness coach of the 5th grade
– Fitness trainer III. Degree – SAKFST
– Physio trainer A

– DNS – sports course
– NMS – Neuro-musculo-skeletal concept of diagnosis therapy of disorders and function of the locomotor apparatus
– MS System I, II, III, IV, MS System in sports, MS System scoliosis (Prague, Bratislava)
– Posture Muscle chains – IQ Movement Pilates & Fitness Academy (Prague)
– Rehabilitation and Training after lower limb injuries – FACE CZECH s.r.o. (Prague)
– Rehabilitation and Training after injuries of the upper limbs – FACE CZECH s.r.o. (Prague)
– Posture – Core, IQ Movement (Prague)
– Sports nutrition and Wellness – Nutri Academy s.r.o. (Prague)
– Reduction nutrition in practice – Nutri Academy s.r.o. (Prague)
– Suspension system – Core, Smart fitness academy (Trnava)
– Functional stretching, Smart fitness academy (Trnava)
– Bootcamp Experience Diploma – FACE CZECH s.r.o. (Prague)
– Bodyweight strength, Fitnessa (Bratislava)
– Straight Arm Strength, Fitnessa (Bratislava)