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Yaryna Huivan

Yaryna has been dedicated to fitness for over 5 years, during which she has gained a wealth of experience and knowledge, particularly in strength training, muscle building, body recomposition, and healthy nutrition. She has further supported and expanded her knowledge through a Level 1 coaching course and certification as a “Glute Specialist” from the globally recognized sports organization ISSA. Currently, she is expanding her expertise through additional courses and professional literature. She focuses on training women, aiming to help them develop a healthy relationship with exercise and nutrition while achieving their aesthetic goals. She will assist you in addressing muscle imbalances, losing fat, or gaining muscle mass. During training, she will teach you proper technique, offer tips and tricks to optimize your workouts, answer your questions about nutrition and exercise, and ensure that you give 100% effort to your training sessions.

Languages: Slovak, English, Ukrainian


– Level 1 Trainer
– ISSA Glute Specialist


– Women’s training
– Strength training
– Muscle building
– Assistance in achieving aesthetic goals
– Correcting muscle imbalances
– Body recomposition
– Cultivating a healthy relationship with nutrition and exercise