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Group fitness classes

Group fitness classes

Join our group trainings and challenge yourself alongside others

Exercising alone is not something for you? Our trainers will prepare not only top-notch training for you that will burn calories, but also ensure that the training is fun. You can sign up for a group lesson online through our reservation system, where you can also see the current occupancy.

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Beauty Booty with Dominika

A combination of conditioning exercises with elements of strength training, which are primarily focused on shaping the muscles of the thighs, hips, and butt.

Thai box with Roman

Famous martial art from Thailand where you can enjoy high-quality cardio, learn self-defense techniques, and really burn off some energy.

HIIT strong with Sani

High-intensity interval training combines bodyweight strength exercises supplemented with CrossFit elements and combat elements.


Bootcamp is a highly effective training program that combines endurance and dynamic exercises with music sets and special lighting.

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Join our bootcamp training where you can burn up to 1000 calories. You burn more, shape more, and strengthen more. And you will enjoy it too. Bootcamp is a highly effective training that combines a unique blend of endurance and dynamic exercises. During the 60-minute group workout, you will experience intense training and achieve maximum performance.

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