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Vladimír Ilaš

Vlado has been involved in fitness and bodybuilding for over 13 years. He showcased his ambitions competitively at the World Championships in the junior category of natural bodybuilding, where he secured 2nd and 4th place, but his ambitions don’t end there. Vlado advocates for an individualized and humane approach. His theory revolves around taking steps toward results. Starting is important, but sticking with it is even more crucial, which is why he advises, “Don’t be ashamed, you have nothing to lose, I started the same way.” With Vlado, training will be a game, he will show you the right path, and explain the world of health and body aesthetics.

Language: Slovak, English


– Certified fitness trainer, level I, Faculty of Physical Education and – Sports (UK), specializing in bodybuilding and fitness
– Muscle gain
– Weight reduction
– Strength development
– Body shaping
– Creation of individualized dietary plans
– Development of personalized training programs
– Proper supplementation
– Healthy lifestyle
– Preparation of clients for competitions
– Pose training
– Catering to beginners as well as experienced trainees