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Lukáš Havlík

During his over 15 years of practice, Lukáš has gained extensive knowledge of training methodology and nutrition, especially in terms of correctly leading training sessions, both physically and mentally. He enjoys working with people who are willing to take the right steps in their lives to achieve their goals. Lukáš aims to provide quality information on fitness training and nutrition, not only to achieve your satisfaction but also to encourage more and more people to take care of their bodies and health.

– Qualified SAKFST 1. 1st and 2nd level fitness, bodybuilding and powerlifting coach

– Sports bodybuilding in categories over 95 kg also at the international level

– Motivation and psychology of training
– Training methodology for complete beginners as well as advanced ones
– Effective shaping of the figure, whether it is weight and fat reduction or quality improvement, but also gaining muscle mass
– Dietary advice and orientation in the world of nutritional supplements
– Tailored meal plans
– Tailored training plans
– Conducting personal training sessions for English-speaking clients