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Robert Kováč

Robert focuses on individual work with clients, specializing in diagnosing musculoskeletal issues, correcting muscle imbalances, exercising with pregnant women and working with children, as well as rehabilitating clients after spinal, knee, and shoulder surgeries.
He also helps with conditioning, weight loss, muscle gain, and preparing hobby athletes for seasonal sports such as golf, skiing, hockey, soccer, and tennis. Robert also works with elite athletes during and outside of their seasons. He will analyze your dietary habits and then create a meal plan based on your individual needs.

– EXOS Performance Specialist (XPS degree), USA
– Fitness coach in elite sports

– FRC, Germany
– SM System, SVK
– Functional training and testing – lumbal spine, pelvis and lower extremities, CZ
– Physiotherapy after injury in sport, CZ
– Modern surgery and physio training of knee and shoulder joint, CZ
– Modern surgery and physiotherapy of cervical spine, CZ
– Modern surgery and physiotherapy of lumbal spine, CZ
– Kinesiology Taping by K- Active, CZ
– The Future of Football Medicine (2017)
– Camp Nou, Barcelona, SPAIN