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Donika Do Tinh

Donika focuses on improving movement abilities through a personalized training plan that combines functional training, mobilization exercises, and stretching with nutritional counseling. She has been involved in coaching since 2011. Her particular specialization is prenatal and postnatal training. with a significant portion of her clients being pregnant women and women post-delivery. Donika focuses on preparing the body for childbirth by improving overall physical fitness. She also focuses on exercises to correct any diastasis after delivery.

Language: English

– Certified Pre And Post Natal Fitness Specialist – AFPA
– Crossfit lvl 1 – BKK, Thailand (Dec 2015- Jan 2020)
– Functional training – TG
– Mobility and recovery – TG
– Certificate in exercise nutrition – PN
– PN Level 1 Certified
– Zumba Fitness (2011-2019)