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Silvia Limbecková

Silvia has been actively involved in sport for 20 years. It’s an integral part of her life, from competitive swimming to strength and conditioning workouts to aesthetic body shaping. Silvia will be happy to help you not only with her knowledge, but also with professional advices thanks to her extensive experience. She believes in the principle of kalokagathia – harmonious development of body, mind and soul and thinks that one should work on all aspects continuously. Silvia will help you on the way to your goals whether it is aesthetic body shaping, weight loss, gaining muscle, or other. She trains with the demonstration that sport is an excellent means of overcoming oneself, which is applicable in several spheres of life. She believes in taking one step at a time to make a total sustainable lifestyle change. Marek is able to conduct the training in english, too.

– FTVŠ fitness coaching V. degree
– Body shaping
– Gaining muscle mass
– Weight loss
– Development of fitness skills
– Increasing strength abilities
– Mobility and stability of joints
– Functional training
– Core training
– DNS “dynamic neuromuscular stabilization”
– Individual training plans
– Creating meal plans
– Healthy lifestyle