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Michal Havelka

Michal is a strength and conditioning trainer. His goal is to help you build your physique and enrich your mind so that you feel great and make progress in other areas of life as well. He will help you learn how to exercise, eat properly, and set up a routine that will enable you to achieve a healthy and sustainable transformation. Michal also focuses on aesthetic body shaping, building muscle mass, and reducing fat using mixed training methods. He doesn’t work with traditional diets. He mainly uses flexible eating or variation of Intermittent fasting, which allows you to eat a variety of healthy foods and include your favorite foods in your daily routine. Michal emphasizes the health and attractiveness of the process that will lead to long-term transformation – the goal is to discover a combination that you can enjoy and thus achieve results through a slower but sustainable change.

– Trainer in fitness and bodybuilding – SAFKST
– Ido-Portal – Juggernaut Movement workshop (Amsterdam, 2019)