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Rest for the body and mind

We care about your physical and mental well-being. The health benefits of sauna procedures have been known for centuries. They will help you relieve tension in the body, reduce stress, and cleanse the skin. Treat yourself to this relaxation in our wellness area.

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Sauna world

Let your thoughts drift away and enjoy the positive effects of sauna procedures.

Relaxation zone

Take a break from the hustle and bustle of the big city and use the time to relax in our wellness center. Try our:

  • Finnish sauna
  • Relaxation zone
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Recharge your batteries

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Too hot? Try cryotherapy.

Cryotherapy is a cold therapy where your body is exposed to extreme dry cold, with temperatures reaching as low as minus 90°C. Cryotherapy brings a range of health benefits and is time-efficient. Try this increasingly popular wellness method with us.

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