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Beauty booty

Beauty booty

Accentuate your feminine curves

Beauty Booty is a fitness-strength exercise focused mainly on shaping women’s curves with an emphasis on thigh, hip and butt muscles. The exercise includes conditioning exercises for a significant increase in energy expenditure with elements of strength training for building beautiful feminine shapes. The training is suitable for all women who are not satisfied with a compromise between demanding cardio and strength training – Beauty Booty includes both.

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Dominika Rýchla

Dominika has been dedicated to coaching for several years. Fitness is a lifestyle for her, and under her guidance, you will love it as much as Dominika does. To exercise not because you have to, but because you want to. Dominika specializes in shaping the body according to the individual goals of clients, from toning, gaining muscle mass, and reducing fat, to adjusting metabolism, nutrition, and overall healthy lifestyle.

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