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Competition conditions

CONTEST STATUS ON THE INSTAGRAM SOCIAL NETWORK “Win a 3-month membership worth €210 and nutritional supplements”
(hereinafter referred to as the “Statute”)

The statute regulates the conditions
participation in the competition, the method and procedure for carrying out the activities necessary for it
implementation and defines the details of the rights and obligations of the participants.

I. CONTEST ORGANIZER (hereinafter referred to as “Organizer”)
Business name: Fit&Co, s.r.o., Pribinova 14, 811 09 Bratislava, ID 36 793 922
Fit&Co, Pribinova 8, 811 09 Bratislava

The competition will take place in the period from 14.04. until 30.4.2023. It is in this term
possible to register for the competition. The evaluation of the competition will take place on May 1, 2023.

A) The competition takes place on the territory of the Slovak Republic.
B) Any natural person who has reached the age of 18 can participate in the competition, a
which meets the conditions for participation in the competition according to point lV. of this statute (hereinafter
“contest participant”).
C) Every participant of the competition who, during the duration, will be included in the draw
of the competition will fulfill the specific conditions of the competition specified in the competition entry.
D) Employees of the announcer of the competition, the organizer of the competition, as well as persons named
close within the meaning of § 116 of the Civil Code, are from participation in the competition

In order to participate in the competition, it is required that the authorized participant of the competition
commented on the competition entry, saying that he would tag the person with whom he would share the prize.

A) The subject of winning a specific competition is stated in the competition entry.

The prize in the competition is a 3-month membership worth EUR 210 and nutritional supplements.

(hereinafter referred to as “Services”)

A gift voucher is available
to be used no later than 30.6.2023.

The second part of the prize is nutritional supplements.

Both prizes will be awarded to one winner, while the prize is transferable (the winner can gift both prizes to a loved one).

A) The winner of the competition will be drawn on 01.05.2023 from among all valid
registered participants through a random selection.
B) The winner of the competition will be notified of the prize within 2 working days at the latest
from the date of the draw, or determination of the winner, in the form of inserting a comment from
by the announcer of the competition under the given competition entry or by inserting it
of a separate status containing the given notification.
C) In the event that the winner of the competition within 48 hours of being notified in accordance with
of the previous sentence of this point does not show an interest in taking over the prize or the prize
refuses, loses the right to win and the contest organizer is entitled to withdraw
substitute winner of the competition.

A) The winner and the Organizer agree on the method of handing over the prize. In case of
in the absence of a mutual agreement, the prize will be sent by mail to the winner at
costs of the Organizer. The organizer of the competition will send the prize to the winner of the competition at the latest
within 30 days, since the winner of the competition has provided the organizer of the competition complete
contact information.
B) If the winner does not accept the shipment containing the prize, even in the additional one
collection period specified by the post office, such winner forfeits the right to win and the prize
forfeits in favor of the announcer of the competition without the winner being entitled
for any compensation from the contest announcer.
C) The participant of the competition has no legal claim to the prize and it is not possible to enforce it by court
on the way. The results of the competition are final. Contest participants note that they cannot
claim a prize of a higher value or in a larger quantity. Contest participants
they also note that the prize cannot be exchanged for cash or
to demand the release of a different prize than the prize determined by the announcer of the contest v
the relevant competition entry.

A) By participating in the competition, the participant of the competition grants consent free of charge to the announcer
contests as an operator or contest organizer as an intermediary v
pursuant to Act no. 122/2013 Coll. on the protection of personal data as amended
(hereinafter referred to as “the law”) processed his personal data in the scope of name, surname,
e-mail, or photo, in order to publish them on Instagram
website of the Fit&Co fitness center as part of the evaluation of the competition, further for the purpose
the very evaluation of the competition, the creation of a database and its use for marketing purposes
purposes connected with the competition and its evaluation, for the period from the entry of the participant
of the competition until the written withdrawal of his consent. By participating in the competition
the participant of the competition also declares that he is aware of all the necessary information in
scope of the provisions of § 15 par. 1 of the Act, and that the data provided are correct and
B) The participant of the competition has the rights according to the provisions of § 28 of the Act, i.e. j. above all
the right to information about the status of the processing of their personal data, which are
the subject of processing, the right to correct incorrect or out-of-date personal data
data in the course of processing, the right to dispose of personal data, if any
fulfilled the purpose of their processing, the right based on a free written request
object to the use of your personal data for marketing purposes

C) The participant of the competition acknowledges and agrees that the announcer of the competition
or the organizer of the competition within the scope of the agreed conditions those with the announcer
of the competition is authorized with the use of automated, partially automated
or other than automated means of processing to collect,
process and use personal data in accordance with the legal order of the Slovak Republic.

A) Employees of the competition organizer, as well as persons close to them within the meaning of the provision
§ 116 of the Civil Code, are excluded from participation in the competition.
B) If it is proven that the winner of the competition is an employee of the announcer of the competition or
employees of the organizer of the competition, or a person close to them, so the right of this
person’s claim to the prize does not arise, the prize is not handed over and is forfeited to the announcer
C) In case of reasonable suspicion of fraud, abuse or error regarding
proper organization of the competition, the announcer of the competition reserves the right to the competition
terminate or suspend, change the conditions of the competition, announce the announcement of the win
posted on the Facebook page or sent to the winner as invalid or without
notification and any compensation to block participation in the competition to those participants
contestants who participate in the contest in violation of good manners.
D) Neither the contest announcer nor the contest organizer is responsible for the fact that the winner in
as part of the notification of contact details, he gave the wrong address to which she had sent him
be sent a win. Neither the contest announcer nor the contest organizer are responsible
for other reasons for which the prize was not delivered to the winner, with the exception of the reasons for
by the competition organizer.
E) Winnings exceeding the amount established by the relevant law are subject to tax from
income in accordance with Act no. 595/2003 Coll. on income tax in the current version a
subject to levy for public health insurance pursuant to Act no. 580/2004 Z.
from. on health insurance in the current version, while the announcer of the competition neither
the organizer of the competition is not responsible for the fulfillment of the tax, or levy obligation
the winner of the competition.
F) The organizer of the competition does not reimburse the participants of the competition for any costs that are hereby incurred
arise in connection with their participation in the competition.
G) By participating in the competition, each participant expresses their agreement with the rules of this competition
competition and with the fact that the competition organizer is authorized to publish the names, likeness,
respectively other entrusted information about the winners in the means of notification, such as
use these for advertising and promotional purposes of the contest announcer, without
the competition participant’s claim to any reward.
H) The announcer of the competition reserves the right to change the conditions, or the rules
of this competition at any time without prior notice, while the said change
conditions, or rules must be published on the Instagram page.

By participating in the Competition, each competitor also confirms that he was familiar with the
that Instagram has no obligations towards the contestant and from participating in
Instagram contests do not even create such obligations. Contest announcer
declares that the Competition is in no way sponsored, supported,
managed or otherwise associated with Instagram and is not otherwise associated with Instagram.

In Bratislava, on April 11, 2023

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